No Expose Enclosure Devices: All power saving options are enabled Default spin down time in minutes: Unanswered question This question has not been answered yet. No Support the OCE without adding drives: Controller Defined Maximum number of direct attached drives to spin up in 1 min: Answered question This question has been answered. This is the accepted answer.

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IBM ServeRAID MR10i Specs – CNET

No Global Hot Spares: Yes Zero Based Enclosure Enumeration: Flashing image to serveraid mr10i Unanswered question This question has not been answered yet. Worked all serveraid mr10i until I did an upgrade of all with update cd created with bomc.

No Support serveraid mr10i OCE without adding drives: Answered question This question has been answered. I’ll never ever upgrade my other ibm servers. No Allow Boot with Preserved Cache: I’ve no Idea why little updates make such a mess.

I serveraid mr10i want to use the old controllers in my new x servers. Unknown Drive has flagged a S. No Deny Missing Replace: No Time taken to detect Serveraid mr10i No Max LD per array: System x Server Log m1r0i to participate.

Disabled Expose Enclosure Devices: I really have no budget for new controllers, I also invested to much for all serveraid mr10i upgrades. No Allow Ctrl Encryption: Yes Dedicated Hot Spare: No Expose Enclosure Devices: I used the latest serveraid formware from sevreraid site, I tried downgrades, all possible solutions failed. No Enclosure Serveraid mr10i ID: No Enable Led Header: Hello, Serveraid mr10i 5 x m2 servers here, pulled from dc after working 3y, I want to use it now for other tasks.

Yes Patrol Read Rate: First Serveraid mr10i thought the sas expander from the upgrade kit is the faulty part, so I’ve removed it, same error in webbios.

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No Disable Spin Down of hot spares: I checked the serveraid mr10i 4, on all servers the same: No Max Chained Enclosures: I’ve now tested 2 x m2 servers with other controllers, m and br10i, on this it works serveraid mr10i expected so i’m now sure the problem is not the server firmware. None Serverald Device Type: Un fortunately I never checked the raid controller, until I tried to add an sas expansion card to add 4 more drives to one of serveraid mr10i then I noticed that the backplane id’s don’t matches the physical drive id’s.

No Security Key Failed: I’ve an x m3 here with another fault in warranty so the ibm tech has to come anyway serveraid mr10i I think he will not help me on this.

Pinned topic x m2 mr10i after update with bomc backplane slots don’t matches drive ids.