Pre and post amplifier routing can provide for as many as nine simultaneous FX for each signal chain. Folk Guitar Buying Guides. More items related to this product. Ear buds just don’t cut it with this unit The past nine years or so using their equipment leaves me with mixed emotions.

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I appreciate it… You have a go Combining different heads and cabinets is cool, but you have to take their word for pd because you pod x3 have no idea. I feel strongly that this piece was vastly underrated and the guys who are happy with multiple big noisy stomp-boxes can have them. Music Education For Children. pod x3

Anyways, if you get time, check out some of my tunes I desperately need to add drums. The Aux input is a nice feature for the X3, because I can run my xx3 guitar in the Aux, and be able to use it simultaneously with my regular guitar, using the same patch models and effects.

Show More Show Pod x3. I therefore figured it would be my chance to hear the tones coming through an pod x3 without looking like a douche.

Review: POD X3 Digital Guitar Amp Modeler

Was this review helpful? Room, Hall, Chamber, Plate and Spring models.

Length wise there is extra room and a spacer which allows you to carry some extra cables or a power strip, but I am talking about the snugness on the top and bottom. Newly added features includes a jaw breaking collection of stompboxes and amp sims, vocal and pox pre-amps with XLR output for pod x3, dual tone setup and USB pod x3.

Line 6 POD X3 Live

Smart editing workflow pages can help you save new sounds as you create them and continue making changes without slowing down your pod x3. It has a user friendly interface, etc. Most relevant reviews See pod x3 27 reviews. November 9, at 2: The bottom line is that it can sound really great!

I also added a TBX pot to control the bridge tone and another TBX to control the neck, the middle is straight through. You pod x3 also post pod x3 question on the Line 6 forum and see if someone can help you there. Likewise with the Bass POD. November 30, at 1: And without the EQ, everything sounds a little flat.

Pod x3 love the POD X3! Pod x3 27, at 3: November 15, at 7: It has nice bass response and the treble is great for a bridge pup, not really thin and weak like most Strat pups.

Line 6 Pod X3 Live Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal | eBay

I have the Pod X3 Live. Not expecting much, I was ppod impressed with the versatility of instrument tones and ease pod x3 use. Bottom Line The POD X3 is a fine little amp simulator and works great in the studio for both simple and complex recording projects.

The organic tone and response from cranked tubes are impossible to recreate ood it depends on so many factors, — pickups, stompboxes, speakers, the room etc.

November 16, pod x3 7: That is a pretty neat feature. I have been using Guitar Rig and never really got pod x3 good tone from it, always sounded really digital.

Line 6 Legacy Products

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You have to take time and be patient with this unit and once you get the tones you want, you will be soo happy you own this thing! March 31, at November 15, at