The Steelhead Plus 5-wood has gained in popularity with our testers after a rough start. Each has outperformed the Steelhead Plus in terms of both distance and consistency. Stock graphite, standard length, a flex, Seni Driver has steel shaft, good grip, 3 wood has a ste Distances have been quite moderate, but control has been good. Average scarring on the sole with the face still in great playing condition. It does not possess the easy, floating trajectory of many 5-woods and does not produce the same soft landings.

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All of our crew, save one, continues to prefer the original Steelhead driver over the Plus version. For this reason we were surprised that Callaway had released a newer version so soon after the release of the originals. For sale a 5 regree Callaway Steelhead Plus wood set. Control was less, as well.

Carla, Algarve, Portugal 2 out of 2 people found the follow review helpful. You can choose the loft, shaft and flex you want from the drop down window.

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X Hot 9 Wood in very good condition. There is a spring effect to the face, but less so than in the VFT series drivers.

These scratches are common for the polished soles on most Callaway Golf woods. The head felt good at impact no matter where you hit it. The original was a no-brainer — just pick it up and hit it. Nig buy for all handicappers!

Callaway Steelhead Plus Wood Reviews

Four of them wanted to claim the woods for their own bags. Steel-headed drivers that we have used from Ping and Adams have surpassed the Callaway by ten yards or more on average. They left him completely cold.

Average scarring on the sole with the face still in great playing condition.

Callaway Steelhead Plus Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

Amazed to find exactly what I wanted, and a selection of them to boot – very pleased to report that both are performing as well as the 3 Wood, justifying decision.

Overall, the stainless steel callaway big bertha steelhead plus 9 degree from Ping and Adams have been received better in terms of both playability and feel. This design approach creates different areas of thickness across the face of the golf club. Each has outperformed the Steelhead Plus in terms of both distance and consistency. Normal scratches from a couple of seasons of use. Helpline With the original Steelhead, the user had a great deal of confidence that most all swings would deliver some sort of acceptable shot.

This page ssteelhead last updated: X2 Hot 9 wood in good condition.

Callaway Steelhead Plus Wood Reviews – Golf Club Reviews – Golfbidder

Stock graphite, standard length, regu The usual prompt and reliable service from Golfbidder, of course. Loft – 9 Wood. I already had the 11 wood in the same model and had been looking for a 7.

This Callaway driver has a feel and sound that is uniquely its own. There is a rock solid vibrancy that some players absolutely love and others dislike intensely. At impact, it feels exceptionally hard and crisp. A friend of mine offered callawxy a Steelhead Plus 4 wood.

Callaway Steelhead Plus Wood Set. Their high, booming trajectories get him into too much trouble. The first Steelheads from Callaway were a very big hit among our testers. Only one of them continues to play it.